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Porous Whispers

Porous Whispers

Katarina Hruskova
Miroslava Vecerova
kurátor / Zlata Borůvková
14.01. - 31.01.2019

Katarina Hruskova & Miroslava Vecerova
curated by: Zlata Borůvková

organized by: HotDock project space (SK)
14. 1. – 31. 1. 2019
Obrońców Stalingradu 17, Szczecin (PL)

Whispering is a means of creating an intimate sharing environment. Bodies growing close, senses awakening, as we open ourselves to mystery. Miroslava Vecerova  and Katarina Hruskova deliver their cues in whispers, creating a space for sharing of that which is unspoken and that which cannot be spoken at all. In this world, there is no us and them. There is nothing alien or external, the unity of diversity and equality reigns supreme. Seeing through the eyes of vital materialists, our world consists of a number of interactions between human and inhuman entities which are intertwined and contained within each other. In the words of Sagan and Margulis, “we [people] are walking, talking minerals”. This approach allows for a horizontal narration, which gives equal voice to all actors. It lets one tune in to the individual things, to try to empathize with them, which is further amplified by Porous Whispers´s use of a shared language. The poetic form of the artists’ works gives voice to both animate and inanimate matter which thus become not mere representants, but rather the actual driving forces of the action involved. Our bodies and capabilities no longer restrict us, the only measure of all things is our own imagination.


Katarina Hruskova, born 1984 in Ruzomberok, Slovakia
Lives and works in Ruzomberok, SK and Berlin, DE

Hruskova kneads elements of comfort into unions of unease. She points out the potency of objects and matter that slip under the radar by way of constant presence and proximity. Substances we handle, breathe and digest and yet, veiled by familiarity, they elude our awareness. She talks of the latently abject, of overlooked properties, textures and contexts. She creates places of safety to nudge at their borders; her work occupies a comfort zone with a fragile ground where prolonged stillness provokes action. Her practice generally runs in two parallel strands, which frustrate, motivate and draw from one another. One of them looks at ways in which written and spoken language can behave as visual art; the other explores performative aspects of photography.



Miroslava Vecerova, born 1985 in Prague, Czech Republik
Lives and works in London, UK and Prague, CZ

Subjective awareness of one’s role within this system of life can easily paralyze individual creativity, so she uses practices of healing, polylog and collaboration as an artistic methodology. On the symbolic level, manifested in an exhibition format, her goal is to find a method for “renewing the creative tissues” of the contemporary producer, who naturally belongs to these ontological configurations.

Drawing on empirical and eclectic research, science and contemporary myths, the visual, tactile and sonic mosaics she creates often explores the potential of various substances as triggers of sensory,


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