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Humid Intimacy

Humid Intimacy

kurátor / Zlata Borůvková
08.03. - 27.04.2019

Galerie A.M.180, Jeronymova 9, Praha

Nikola Balberčáková, Ján Gašparovič a Berta Holoubková, Ondřej Houšťava, Dávid Koronczi a Erik Pánči, Julius Pristauz, Stach Szumski

Curated by: Zlata Borůvková

Organized by: Hotdock project space


Close your eyes and listen to the splashing waves inside. Take a deep breath, plunge into the warm moist air as it slowly starts floating above the body. We interpenetrate one another, loop around and through one another.

(sinking the voice to a whisper)
Let time wash us out with the tide.
I can not hold myself
The irresistible attraction enfolds between us
the vital engine of living and dying.
Diving into perpetual immortality.

A: What is your biggest fear?
B: To be visible.

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