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Through exhibitions, lectures and events with our partners and our work with the public we want to create a discussion about the role and the function of the artist-run initiatives and off-spaces. Their place and role in the art world and the public sphere. We also want to research the topic of defining our place and role in comparison to official institutions and also ways of working with these institutions.

Our project is predominantly focused on creating exchange exhibitions between HotDock project space and our partners from V4 countries. Within the local community by exchanging exhibitions/projects, we would like to invite all three guests to Bratislava Petrzalka and create network and dialog with local community. Each partner will prepare a project which will be exhibited and presented in HotDock in Petrzalka and then one project from Hotdock will be presented and exhibited in each of our partner galleries. We aim for discussion within local community, create network and start new collaborations. Goal of our exchange collaboration with countries of V4 is to create international network within V4. By it, we want to gain new experiences and get new perspectives on variety of questions regarding to contemporary art, political and social issues. Which will include not only participating organisations and participants but also whole local community. This initiative will support non profitable projects, which aim to bring new cultural discourse to this area. Involving international projects, gaining new perspectives and views and connecting regional collaboration within countries of V4.

Our goal is to decentralize the situation in Bratislava and to shift the focus (away from the city center) to more problematic parts of the city. With international collaboration, we want to bring new perspectives and experiences to our region and start a network with an international context. We believe that our experience and research gained through this project, can bring us advantageous insight, which we can further develop and implement in our work. Sharing experiences and knowledge can improve our communication with the local community and we can also initiate an international network which will connect our regions. We believe our region has untapped, unexplored potential for cooperation and dialogue with our V4 neighbours.


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